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The value of a good Certified Public Accountant . . .

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
Why is it essential for a Business or Medical Practice to hire a good Certified Public Accountant?
A good Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is like a really good partner, someone who is able to listen to your concerns and then offer good business advice.  Their input can be invaluable to the business or medical practice success.  If you want a smooth running business, consider the following:
A good CPA has usually specialized in various business dealings during his/her career and can offer invaluable help, experience and knowledge when you need it.
They can also save your business or medical practice thousands of dollars by implementing more efficient routines for accounting, administration, payroll and human resource functions, thereby freeing up time for you and your employees to run your business or practice more effectively.
Your CPA should be able to help improve collection on accounts receivables; set-up follow-up routines to ensure no accounts due are left unsettled; which means more money to your business or medical practice!
A good CPA can help with valuable advice for the business decisions you may be considering (i.e. expanding, employee issues, firing an employee, hiring outside help, etc.); which can help steer you in the right direction or give options to consider when making critical business decisions.
Not only can they can provide helpful insights into what should be considered when making a major purchase, but also lay out the costs vs. the benefits to leasing, etc.
They can also help negotiate contacts, leases, mergers and/or any other business dealing that a business/practice owner is contemplating.
In addition, they can help safeguard your business assets and also set-up good internal controls to help prevent fraud and weaknesses in your administrative and accounting functions (see article below).
Your CPA should be able to save you money on your payroll taxes, year-end corporate tax returns and also make sure you do not get hit with penalties and late fees, etc.
They should be able to help make you and your staff accounting/administrative duties much more effective and efficient; thereby increasing your bottom line!
These are just some of the areas a good Certified Public Accountant can help with. Give us a call today at 619-464-1015 and learn how we can help you and your business. You’ll be glad you did.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Safeguarding Your Business Assets . . . How important is it ? . . . Have you ever considered it ?

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
One of the largest Accounting firms in the United States “KPMG” conducted a “Fraud Survey” and found that businesses are reporting more experiences of fraud than in prior years and that three out of four companies have uncovered fraud.

There are many ways to ensure your business assets are safeguarded, but the following are seven of the methods most widely used as follows:
1. Using a system of checks and balances to ensure no one person has control over all parts of any financial transaction.
2. Having your bank accounts reconciled and checked by an outside professional accounting firm every month, which would include having them spot check cleared checks on a random basis.
3. Restricting the use of business credit/debit cards and verifying all charges made to ensure they were business related.
4. Ensuring business assets such as vehicles, cell phones, equipment, and other company resources are used only for official business and having the internal controls to check them on a regular basis.
5. Protecting business petty cash funds and other cash funds.
6. Protecting checks against possible fraudulent use by implementing good internal controls.
7. Putting in safeguards to avoid and discourage any possible related party transactions.

There are many other areas that also need to be considered here, but for this short article, we just want to emphasize the importance of internal controls to be established, as the potential for loss is significant if there are no checks and balances in place.

Of course, the best ways to prevent fraud and safeguard business assets is to have an accounting professional come out and access your current accounting system and then make recommendations to ensure that your assets are protected and safeguarded against any possible weaknesses in the system.

One other thing to consider is that when you have the same person do the same job for more than few months without any oversight, they are much more likely to be tempted.  That is why banks and similar businesses switch out positions so that no one person has been in the same position for too long a period without good internal controls and oversight, etc.

If you would like to set-up a meeting to discuss how we can help, please give us a call.  The initial consultation is free and you will be meeting with an experienced and knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant.  Give us a call today at 619-464-1015.  You’ll be glad you did.

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IRS Tips, Secrets and Help

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
One of the scariest things is getting an IRS notice about an audit or, even worse, a notice that states you owe a huge amount for taxes.  The truth is that most people are very scared when this occurs.

A good thing people do not realize is that the IRS is generally staffed with nice people.  Believe it or not, their job isn’t to make your life miserable.  Most of the time (and yes, I’m admitting this out loud) they really do want to help.

The fact is, for the majority of tax issues, past due tax collections or tax notices, most people do not fully understand them and do not want to contact the IRS as they feel they would not know what to say or how to handle it and quite possibly make it worse.  See “best option” below before contacting the IRS; however, if you decide to call them yourself, please write down this information: make notes first about what you want to ask and then stick to your notes.  When you make the call, be ready to note down the IRS Agent’s ID number and the last name of the person you are talking with.  Also note down the date and time of the call.  This is important information for any later follow-up needed.  If you want to be treated fairly and as well as possible, the simple act of getting the IRS Agent’s name and ID number can make a world of difference.

Another secret when dealing with the initial IRS agent who answers your call: If the IRS person gives you a difficult time or you feel it’s not going well, you can say, I’m sorry, but since I’m pressed for time today and I was on hold for quite a while, I will need to call you back.  That way, you are not making it personal and hopefully you can say this without indicating that you’re not happy with the person helping you.  If it’s really bad, you can always ask for the person’s supervisor and then just tell them (the supervisor) what occurred and ask them to help you out.

Always make sure you only give out the information you feel comfortable giving out… for example if you are sent a collection notice, the IRS department you call will already have a set script to ask you all sorts of questions (but they will be disguised as if that’s just part of their job, etc. and they are trying to help).  Be careful.  If you have any concerns, call a experienced professional (see below).

Another technique if you do not want to give out requested bank account information or other personal and/or confidential information:  Just say this as nice as possible (as you do not know what is right or not as a non-professional calling), I would prefer not to give out that information, is this required by law that I give this information over the phone?  Can you send me some literature on this because I’m unfamiliar with the law on this?  Then once I get the information and read it over, I can call you back, okay?

In keeping this article brief, you should know that you do have lots of options to consider.  The best option is to seek out an experienced professional and have them file a Power of Attorney on your behalf.  By doing this, you usually will not have to  deal with the IRS after that step; because your representative will.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with the IRS so if you receive a tax notice and you have a concern or need some help, please feel free to give our office a call to set-up an appointment.  You can reach at  619-464-1015 anytime Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.

For new customers, we offer a free consultation with an experienced and know- ledgeable Certified Public Accountant (CPA).   We also offer a lot more than IRS help; so if you have a concern or question about your business; please give us a call today.  You’ll be glad you did.

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How to help your business save time and money

Video presented by Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
PSA can help your business today.  Take advantage of the Free one-hour consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant (CPA).   After you watch the presentation below, please give us a call at 619-464-1015.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Also, let us show you how to how to save money on payroll taxes.  Give us a call today.

Again, for new customers, we offer a free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Our phone number is  619-464-1015.  We would like to help you and your business.

Helpful Tips and Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line

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Costly Mistakes in Selling a Home

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
Putting the home on the market too early. This usually happens because the seller is impatient with the process.  Presentation is very very important to get a good price.
Spending too much on major improvement before the sale.  Just do enough to get the house in really good shape, the way you would like to see it if you were buying it.
Pricing the home way above market. Usually this pricing strategy ends in failure.
Hiring the wrong agent. Make sure they have a proven track record.
Getting too involved in the sale of the home.  After you decide to sell your house, let a professional and experienced agent sell it.
Not disclosing problems up front.  California has a property disclosure/disclaimer form, since you do not want problems down the road, take time to list the issues and/or problems.
Not having everything ready to do before you start to sell the property.  Avoiding this kind of mistake is pretty easy and the internet is full of resources and  qualified agents. It pays to do some research early on.

If we can help out in the process, please let us know.  After you sell a property, it’s always good to get a tax projection and update on where you stand tax wise.  Give us a call at 619-464-1015.  You’ll be glad you did.

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Helpful Tips and Ways to Improve Your Business Bottom Line

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Tips and ways to help you and your business save money

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
When it comes to paying employees, laws and the IRS have made the payroll function at times a most consuming nightmare for companies.

We offer payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best… that is running your company or medical practice.

Want Some Great Reasons To Outsource Your Payroll?

And some great Tips to save time and money along the way…
First, it’s Very Cost Effective!…  It lets you use your staff more efficiently by letting us handle payroll and the associated government details.
Another benefit is that it reduces your overhead by removing the need to hire specialized employees.

It’s also a Time Saver!… as our payroll service eliminates the burden of customizing, updating and maintaining your own payroll system–no more data entry, no more researching updates or new laws, no more worries.

Worry Free Payroll Tax Filing!  Which eliminates the risks of calculating and filing your own payroll taxes by having professionals do it for you!

Federal, state and local payroll tax laws are frequently changing and becoming more complex.  How much time do you want to spend  learning all the rules and keeping your information up to date?

Allows You To Focus On More Important Tasks...  Our professional staff allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business.  Since we are accounting professionals–you get the experts working for you and with you.

Comprehensive Reports!…  You get a wide variety of user-friendly and accurate payroll reports.  We can also provide various additional payroll reports,  workers’ compensation reports and much more.  The benefits of these additional services are just part of the CPA services we can provide along with any other services your business needs.

We provide Payroll Solutions That Are Customized To Best Fit Your Needs.

We know that when it comes to payroll services – it’s not one size fits all.

That’s why we offer the following comprehensive payroll services we take care
of all the payroll processing for you.

Our prices are affordable…. (and we offer better rates than most national payroll services… plus give you more personalized,  professional service.)

Let our experience and expertise help you today. . .  for new customers, take advantage of our Free consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable CPA.

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Payroll Service San Diego

By Matthew Leslie (San Diego CPA)
PSA d/b/a Payroll Service San Diego Offers a lot more than just doing payroll.  See how other companies have improved their bottom line.  Look over our website and learn more about how we can help.  PSA is committed to providing quality professional services you can depend on.  We have been in San Diego for over seventy-seven years.  Give us a call today at 619-464-1015.  You’ll be glad you did.

For new customers, we offer a free consultation with an experienced and know- ledgeable Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Please note, “Payroll Service San Diego” is one of our D/B/A (doing business as) names, which is part of our corporation, PSA, Inc.  We choose great names that help our potential new clients find us.  We offer free set-up, transfer over and direct deposit services to help eliminate any extra costs when making a change.  We also want to help you and your company with any employee issues and/or concerns you may have.  Give us a call today!